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Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

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Like usual with giveaways, there was a huge lineup to get it (triple bobblehead with Alomar, Molitor, Borders). I checked on ebay and people are bidding over $70 for it! With shipping, the total ends up over $80!


Buy cheapest tickets, get to game early enough to get give away, sell the giveaway for more than double the cost of your ticket, repeat each good giveaway. I'm sure people probably even enter multiple times. I know stores in various locations where they even end up selling items you know were giveaways at Raptors or Jays games.


SSH probably turn stuff into a business too. Buy season tickets, sell half of them, and the games you do go to, buy cheapest tickets so you can re-enter and get giveaway twice, selling one of those giveaways. In the end it's like you're getting paid to attend half the Jays games and walk out with giveaways.

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14 minutes ago, majingir said:

As long as Vlad isn't one of the call-ups then it's fine. It'll be telling of how much control Rogers has over the team if he gets called up.


If Jansen can impress at big league level, hopefully that makes them more willing to deal Martin, if it's even possible.

It's not possible unless Rogers would willingly (lol) eat a significant chunk of his salary. Even then, he has negative value at this point.

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