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2013-14 Marlies Roster

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Curious to see what the Marlies will have next year with few guys signing elsewhere and likely getting called up. 


This is currently what I believe we have



RW Tyler Biggs (not sure if a marlie or OHL)

LW Josh Leivo

RW Carter Ashton?

LW Jerry D'Amigo?

C Joe Colborne? 

C Mike Zigomanis?

RW Kenny Ryan

LW Brad Ross

C Greg McKegg

LW Jamie Devane

C Sam Carrick

RW Ryan Lasch

LW David Broll

C Andrew Crescenzi

C Trevor Smith (I heard we signed him)... http://thehockeyhouse.net/toronto-maple-leafs/leafs-sign-trevor-smith-kevin-marshall/

RW Spencer Abbott RFA



Stuart Percy (not sure again if marlie or OHL)

Jesse Blacker

Peter Granberg

Andrew MacWilliam

Korbian Holzer?

Kevin Marshall

Paul Ranger? 



Drew MacIntrye 

Garret Sparks?


It really doesn't look nearly as solid of a group as we've seen in the past, but we'll see what happens. Seems to be the current group looks like:















Anyone have any better thoughts on this team or what player is supposed to be slotted where

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Its going to be a young ass team that will probably finish outside of the playoffs TBH. Guys like Mckegg/Levio/Ross/Ashton are going to be catapulted into the top 6 from the bottom 6 roles they had last year. Guys like Percy/Biggs/Granberg/Carrick are going to be noobs being put into full time spots.... overall its going to be very experimental, and we'll probably find out pretty quickly who were quality draft choices.


I find it very weird that Mckegg/Levio could actually be call ups next year if we get injuries in our top 6. It's not ideal, but it gives the young guys a chance to show us what they've got.

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greg scott will be there... probably captain


also if crescenzi hasn't significantly improve his skating he's not gonna see much ice

I have to find the link again....but Scott may have signed in Sweden...

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I'm pretty sure Reilly will be there too(Marlies).  I really don't want to rush him...but rather take the approach we did with Kadri.  He needs to pay his dues like everyone else and then when he does make the big club(which is not even a question, unless he gets injured(knock on wood) he'll be that much more motivated and thrilled to be there.(LEAFS).  Plus I want to see him dominate and make pylons out of opposing players.

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Spott coached D'Amigo, Leivo and Crescenzi before, I feel if those three are on the marlies next year they'll get a decent amount of ice time


that's probably true... from what i hear spott likes to give ice time to people that don't deserve it

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Colborne should be centering the top line because he sure as hell hasn't earned an NHL spot.


He's never looked out of his place in any of his callups. I think he can (and should) earn himself a spot on the Leafs in camp, if given the opportunity.

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