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Toronto Marlies Thread

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Well I posted in the other thread... but again... this strikes me as a strange move by the Sens. A clear downgrade, and they get an older and smaller player. Seems like dubas was told by a scout that he liked this kid, and they called and asked and the sens were like “yeah sure whatever.” 

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This comment on /r/leafs answers these questions.

Sens fan here, his stats page really doesn't do a good job of telling his story. We knew he was a swing-for-the-fences type of pick when we drafted him, he was either going to be amazing or a massive disappointment (and he has not been amazing).

He's a 6'5 tank and can skate like the wind. Incredible shooting ability too. He'd be a star if it weren't for the fact that he has zero hockey IQ and has shown zero signs of developing any. Highly doubt he ever becomes anything more than a 2nd-3rd line AHL player, but on the 0.1% chance he actually figures his shit out he could be special. Don't get your hopes up though.

edit: Lmao I think I just described the hockey Bruno Caboclo

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Really sounds a lot like the goat. But the fact that he’s big and physical and a good skater is a good sign. It really strikes me as a guy that was idnentified as a player who can be fixed. And so we went out and got him for a player with similar numbers, not neccessarily similar skill. We’ve got an incredible development staff, so I’m hopeful that he can be made into a 4th line player. Klimchuk will never stick in the NHL, everything about him is below average.

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