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Former NFL quarterback and noted sad sack Bernie Kosar is getting a ton of well-deserved shit for the way he ragged on the Rams during their preseason matchup with the Browns. Rams coach Jeff Fisher is pissed, for one. What we found most interesting wasn’t just that Bernie was denouncing the Rams skill players in their first preseason game, but the way he went about doing it.

From St. Louis Today:

Rams wide receivers dropped three catchable balls in the first half, and Kosar, who was color analyst, was highly critical each time. At one point, he called the Rams’ receivers “horrible.” Play-by-play man Jim Donovan then playfully chided Kosar, saying the receivers’ parents could be watching. Kosar replied by saying he’d “be embarrassed” if he was one of their parents.

“I’m checking through the ‘itinerary’ of coaches to see who the receivers coach is, to make sure I don’t know who the guy is because he’s not doing very good either,” Kosar said.

The Rams’ wide receivers coach is the well-respected Ray Sherman, a veteran of 24 years as an NFL assistant coach.

Kosar was also highly critical of backup QB Kellen Clemens, saying “I can’t stand watching him play” and “Bless me Father for I have sinned, I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter.”

So, Bernie, you’d be embarrassed if your son dropped a pass while playing in the National Football League? That’s incredibly ironic, considering your own daughter’s line of work appears to be getting penises dropped into her. On film, though, so it’s classy and stuff.

As Busted Coverage points out, Lexxi Silver — who, we should note, hasn’t released a video since 2011 — appears to be Kosar’s daughter. As we all know, a father’s only job is to keep their daughters off the pole. So how does Kosar feel about having failed at that? Should we all sit around watching and critiquing the way she has sex?

Hey, we rag on people all the time, but certainly not for how they play after months off in a meaningless preseason game. Plus, our daughters don’t fuck on film for money, so we must be doing something right. Tone it down, Bernie, and keep things in perspective.



I'm not linking, because this fuckwad doesn't deserve the traffic. It's on sportsgrid, if you care.

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