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Sports Betting Mod (vBookie) Donation Drive (Goal Reached!)

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Hey guys, remember during the big move over, the thing most people said that they missed was the vBookie betting system? Well, we've finally found a mod that will give us a similar experience. It's called Sports Betting Mod. Only downside: it's not a free mod. 


Here's a description page for the mod itself, in case anyone is interested in the details:



The mod costs $35.00 USD.


If this is something you'd like to see implemented here, please consider donating some spare change. For the currency exchange rate, we're looking for a total of about $37 to purchase the mod. If we happen to collect more than that amount, the extra funds will be put towards the monthly hosting costs. 


Those interested in getting this up and running can use the donation bar on the right side of the home page.



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