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Sports Betting Mod Explanation

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What is it?

The Sports betting mod is a tool you can use to bet (fake) money on sports outcomes. It has features for betting on games, but also has special features like being able to do brackets for tournaments like March Madness, NHL Playoffs, MLB Playoffs, any type of tournament, really.


How do I access it?

You can access the features by clicking the Betting link at the top of the page in the navigation bar


Who creates the events?

Currently, just the Admins and Mods are able to create events. Once we get things sorted out, we'd like to recruit a few volunteers to help set up events for games. We can split sports, leagues, divisions, however you guys want to work it out.


Where did you get your odds from?



I suck at picking teams and lost all my money. How do I get more?

The mod is integrated with the LC Bucks system. You gradually accrue money by participating on the board. Posting replies, new topics, etc will all give you points. You can also try to steal points from other users.


I want to volunteer to help create events.

Great, send me a PM and we'll work something out.


Can we request events?

If you don't see an event listed that you'd like to bet on, send me a PM and I'll try to get it up as quickly as I can. If you can, please include as much detail as you can about the event, including the teams (participants), date, time, and odds, if possible.


I have a question that isn't answered.

Go ahead and reply to this thread with any other questions, and we'll do our best to help you out.

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Always got to be one up on everyone Rock...


Still isn't 20k though so the point still stands :)  Unless you go on a beating tear, it'll still be a while before the bet limits need to be increased.


Or you can keep it at 10 million and never have to worry about raising the bet limit. :P


20k works though. :)

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Lol, anyways...


WJHC December 29th matchups are up. Also, based on the way the standings are breaking down, the WJHC playoff bracket will probably come out on New Year's Day since quarterfinal matchups probably won't be decided until after the final group stage matches on New Year's Eve. 

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