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Lots of guys are saying no, but if he did say no because he couldn't play short that's pretty dumb.  Of course, who is going to play short?  Pete Orr?


he definitely flat out said no cause they wouldn't let him play short.... knowing Ernie Witt's personality, I'm wondering if Russell Martin said "I'll only go if I could play SS" and Whitt said get fucked.

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what do you think of this TI?





I always value power more because it's an instant run, where defensive stats have never meant as much to me because even if a guy like Jeter doesn't get to a ball it doesn't mean the guy will score. still has to get from first to home and that usually doesn't happen.

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I'll take Prince every day, thanks.  Just like every GM in the world.  Well, except Pittsburgh's as he'd be their entire payroll (and he'd eat all the polish sausages and drink all the Yeungling's at the vendors.)


It'll be interesting to see how he hits with V-Mart behind him this year.  Delmon wasn't much protection for anyone.

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