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On 11/8/2017 at 9:51 PM, TuckerIntensity said:

I remember going to a Halladay game against the Royals. He pitched a two hitter, game took like two hours and two minutes. He pitched a gem. The hits were both solo homers and the Jays lost 2-0.

To me, that game sums up Halladay's time with the Jays. And why I wanted him to win so bad in Philly.  

I was at that game too, front row 3rd baseline. Mark Teahan and I can't remember the other.

I was also at a game against the Angels where the game was less than 2 hours. Good times. I think all the games I went to in the mid-late 2000s were all Doc starts.



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1 hour ago, Devin Weston said:

Such remarks don't deserve a comment, nor the attention. It's as Tuck said, regardless of the cause of the accident, it's still terrible news to hear and it doesn't change how awesome the man was as not only an athlete, but a human being.

Oh 1000%, I was just curios to see what others on here thought about it, is all. I'll be forever grateful I got to watch Halladay growing up.

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Nothing new in terms of what needs to happen for Montreal to have shot at getting an MLB team back. I'm surprised they aren't able to come up with anything yet. All MLB needs are plans for a new stadium. It's not like they have to build a new building with no guarantee of a team coming. They'll only build the stadium if a team goes there, and a team only goes there if they just have a plan for a stadium contingent on them getting a team.


Surprising part is how they might actually spent 250M on fixing Olympic stadium....For reference, the last 2 teams to get new stadiums spent around 650M or so to build it. If they can spend 250M to fix Olympic stadium, why not use that money towards plans for a stadium that'd house a team who can bring in dozens of millions of dollars a year on ticket sales alone.

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