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New rules for MLB going forward.

-Inning breaks will be 2 minutes (used to be 2:05 for regular games, 2:25 for national games)
-Mound visits being reduced from 6 to 5
-Waiver trade deadline being eliminated. The July 31st deadline will be their only one.
-ASG (fans vote for players, and then top 3 from each position make it to "election day" where fans will then decide between those 3 guys per position)

-Roster sizes going up from 25 to 26
-No more 40 man rosters in September. New rule is 28 players on roster in September.
-3 batter minimum (meaning a pitcher must face at least 3 batters in an inning before being allowed to be changed. The minimum only applies during innings, so if you face 1 in bottom of 7th and inning ends, you can change a pitcher for the 8th)
-Newly renamed Injured List(IL), which is a PC change from DL, minimum goes back up to 15 days.
-Players optioned to minors must be assigned for at least 15 days, up from 10

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3 minutes ago, majingir said:

Trout staying in LA. Re-signs for 12 years, 430M! It'd begin in 2021 and run until he's 40(technically would be 41 at end of that season).

He’s actually worth it though. Also - Craig Landis just made what - about $20M+ off this deal? Jesus.

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