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The Rap and Hip-Hop thread, Resurrected

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6 hours ago, TuckerIntensity said:

I've been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately. A few thoughts...

1) I have not been listening to enough Shad.

2) I miss Dre.

3) Who is the Mount Rushmore of Rap? The only one I know for sure I put on is Jay.

I took a nap, woke up, and thought about it more.


Jay Z. All the man knows is hits and he's been doing it since he entered the game. He's a mogul. His flow is effortless, he can change the flow up on the spot, completely change how it sounds to make it unique and then blow it out the water in the next verse. His control of the flow is unmatched, his legacy will be that he took Rakim, took Biggie, and left us with those teachings of when you combine both those rappers. Oh, wait, never mind, he released 3 albums called the Blueprint that prove this point fairly well. For me, it is undisputed he is up there. 


Pac and Biggie are self explanatory. 


It's  that final spot that is going to be vicious. And after thinking about it, I'm going with Rakim over Nas. Nas has the undisputed greatest hip hop album under him, but that's a gift and a curse. He's never come close to Illmatic ever again. Rakim set the stage for lyricism that literally every rapper after aspired to. Hard hitting, stylish flow, but controlled and never just high energy to fill a void. If Rakim doesn't exist, how long does Hip Hop go sounding like LL Cool J and KRS One? I mean, a good chunk of Wu Tang Clan uses the basis of Rakim's style as theirs. Off beat rapping and internal rhyming schemes. What was Wu Tangs claim to fame, wasn't even theirs. It was Ra first. 


So my Rushmore goes Tupac, Biggie, Jay z and Rakim. 


Final answer. 



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1 hour ago, TuckerIntensity said:

That link is sending me to something about the Auschwitz.


1 hour ago, Raiden said:

He's just giving thanks to Nazi Germany I guess. 


His Rap Mount Rushmore is the SS 

It just redirected you to the imgur new memes page.



Imgur has become a bitch to link to, wtf.

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