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  1. 1. Are we becoming closer to what the Official Forums were?

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And just like that we have a new meaning to the term "LC Member Poll".

Lasted a fe minutes...squze me..

Right, because ReTodd gets mocked because he thinks Kadri is a decent hockey player and not because he spends his every second swinging off his balls. 


I don't think I could have presented a better case as to why uteck and ReTodd need to go than they just did themselves. 


The prosecution rests.

I like Kadris balls too,.... they dangle!


Neither should be banned.

Hockey is a battle, debating also can be.

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Took you longer to log in as your alt. than I would have expected. 


Where uteck goes, Tank follows.

I donty want you to look silly... Me and Uteck is not the same person. Even more, I think we are like N and S pole, I am russian, he is German (if I am correct)

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