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  1. 1. Britain and the European Union.

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It's all kicking off on the Thames.


Nigel Farage and Sir Bob Geldof go head to head in Brexit flotilla 'battle' on the Thames. 

kip leader Nigel Farage joined a flotilla of Brexit-backing fishing boats sailing up the Thames today as part of his campaign to convince voters to back a Brexit. 

Mr Farage set sail on a small trawler at the head of the fleet of 50 to 60 vessels which passed under London's Tower Bridge at around 10am.

The flotilla arrived outside the House of Commons just before Prime Minister's Questions but also bobbing along the Thames in London this morning, were scores of vessels out in force ahead of Mr Farage's arrival.





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I WAS an out, I voted in. I was out not because of race issues, but I felt we can cope ok on our own despite being told we couldn't. I changed my mind because of the absolute drivel (admittedly from both sides and scaremongering that came from the leave. We're going to have 80m Turks knocking on our doors, Europe is rubbish because we can't sell bent bananas, they are breaking the NHS by allowing so many "immigrants" in,prawn cocktail crisps are banned, a European army is going to be discussed within days of the vote, we will have to adapt the euro...i could go on forever.


Being "out" won't make a difference to the level of immigrants. If we have an trade agreement, we will still have to allow freedom of movement. At best, we will only get terms as good as now for trade with Europe, we won't get better. Spending cuts broke the NHS. Even so, why is immigration a bad thing? More people in the country means more money being spent. 


We won't be part of a European army without voting on it. Ditto the euro. It's just more rubbish spouted by leave. The remain campaign did a poor job in putting peoples minds at ease over certain issues, and instead reverted to scaremongering. However, I would rather be part of one of the biggest trade organisations and be able to influence it, than be on the outside and be bent over backwards to get a deal.


We'd cope "alright" on our own, but I think we can cope better being part of Europe. 

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I'm watching BBC One online and I keep getting distracted by the guys tie...who the fuck let him wear a tie with pink sharks on it?



Still a ridiculous result (so far) in my opinion.

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