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41 minutes ago, Dollface said:

Probably worth mentioning that Corbyn and Labour still lost by over fifty seats. 

Losing 4-3 is better than losing 4-1, but they're both losses.

you might like to get Maj to explain this


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Kensington goes to Labour and the 2017 Election is over. 

CON: 318 LAB: 262 SNP: 35 LD: 12 DUP: 10

May has now decided that 318 seats is a rock-solid basis for ":stability" and "certainty", despite arguing only three weeks ago that 330 seats represented an "unstable" and "uncertain" government. Corbyn wasn't to be trusted because he said something sensibly non-partisan about Sinn Fein thirty years ago, but the DUP, who are every bit the terrorists (at best) that Sinn Fein are, are fit partners for government. 

And so a party known to be anti-immigrant, homophobic, creationist, anti-woman, anti-climate change and anti-science will team up with the DUP.

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