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Toronto Blue Jays All Time Team - Step 1: First Base


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  1. 1. First Baseman

    • Carlos Delgado
    • John Olerud
    • Edwin Encarnacion
    • Other

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Delgado was hard not to pick but no Jay's playoff appearances kind of nullifies him to my thinking, great power guy though and slight edge in RBI's over Olerud, but that may be directly related to batting mostly clean up


JohnnyO he has so composed and patient at the plate, very difficult to strike out and the guy was a doubles machine, he wasn't what you might call a  spectacular fielder, great stretch at 6'5 and very steady in coverage, he kept the errors to minimum and good enough to win 3 GG's

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No 1B are spectactular fielders.  If they are, they are playing a more important infield position.  





Olerud as I said "wasn't a spectacular fielder" so not quite sure what you're trying to get at but he rarely if ever committed unforced errors, his 3 gold gloves and 995 career fielding percentage put him among the best at this position


and if you ever watched Hernandez, Mattingly or even Steve Garvey field the position you might change your mind on that

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Just specifically:



Citing fielding percentage as evidence of the best fielder is like saying the best quarterback is the one with the lowest interception rate, or the best basketball defender is the one with the fewest fouls.

Not making errors has value, but its far from the most important thing you can do as a defender.




But basically no defensive metrics are great but there are much better ones out there now for example.

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I have a feeling you are putting me on, but if you are really interested FanGraphs carries the best defensive stats for baseball based on correlations





Still not perfect but pretty darn good.  Years and years of hard work coming up with them too.

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