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Blue Jays 2013 Prediction

2013 Blue Jays  

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  1. 1. How many wins do you see the 2013 Blue Jays getting?

  2. 2. How far will Jays go in 2013?

    • Win in World Series
    • Lose in World Series
    • ALCS
    • ALDS
    • ALWC(Wild Card game)
    • Miss Playoffs

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I made this thread every year for past couple of years, but I can't find past results(obviously, since old LC site closed down)


With all the hype, do people think they'll finish with good record like people expecting, average record like Jays typically have done in past decade, or terrible record like the hyped up 2012 Marlins team?



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I say 92 wins and a wild card... Josh Johnson will be top three in Cy Young voting... Bautista's production will be down, but Edwins will probably maintain if Bautista continues to show patience like he has all spring. I think everyone will probably have pretty regular years for the most part... I think we'll have a little trouble with a closer, as much as I like Janssen I don't know that he could dominate for an entire year the way he did for half of last season... I'm thinking Lind bounces back to reasonable DH numbers, like .280 and 25HR... and we lead baseball in stolen bases

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I see both Bautista-EE getting 30+HR. Probably not in 40 range, but anywhere in 30s is good enough.


It'll be real interesting to see how teams do pitch to us, especially with all the switch hitters and speed we have. Having Reyes on base when Bautista is up to bat would be tough for teams to face. Having to worry about the speed from Reyes, but also the bat from Bautista.


Been quite some time since Jays have had speed/contact in the 1 spot and power guys in 3-4 spot.

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I don't see Bautista hitting more than 35 or so because he's just been so patient... and people will walk him especially if there's a base open... Edwin had a big year, but we saw it even in the early part of 2011 where Bautista still didn't have the respect of other teams until he started burning them again... then you saw guys like Joe Maddon say fuck it, and started walking him with guys on 1st and 2nd, lol... Adam Lind, or whoever our #5 hitter is going to be huge for us I think... Melky looks great and Reyes is gonna do what he's gonna do... They should be able to do a fair amount of damage in the 3-4 hole, but if they could get around them they will, we saw it with Detroit in the playoffs... the lack of a legit 5 hitter really changed things when they hit a team that was confident enough to give pitch around them(mind you Fielder doesn't allow anyone to pitch around him, he just swings at stupid pitches and pops them up).

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Wins: 96
Home run leader: Bowtista with 36, Edwin with 30. 
Surprise this season: Bonifacio
Bust this season: Melky Cabrera
Most Improved: JP, hitting for a higher average
Best pitcher: Josh Johnson, 2.9 ERA, 19 wins
Surprise pitcher: JA Happ
Bust this season: RA Dickey (Not as dominant)
Struggling: Santos in a closer role, Janssen will reclaim again.
Jays make 1 big splash at trade deadline (Hello Justin Morneau!).


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