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Devin Weston

Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

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What I like in a video is for most of it to be obscured by inane graphics urging me to subscribe to more videos, that presumably are also 90% obscured.

Also, if possible, the graphics should almost or completely cover any physical comedy in a scene that absolutely relies on depicting physical comedy.

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On 2/27/2019 at 5:00 PM, Mantis Toboggan said:

Shovelling is the worst 

call me crazy, but i actually enjoy shoveling.   but then again i like physical activity, it focuses my mind on a mindless task and i always feel much better afterwards.  anything physical has always just de-stressed me.     plus with shoveling, after you're done you get to see how perfectly smooth the ground is, and the snow corners... hmmm satisfying.  

sadly i dont get to shovel anymore down here.

5 hours ago, Humper said:

I also blame Antec, that greasy fucker.


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I didn't care for s4 at first either but it grew on me. The fact that they spend so so so so so much time in each episode doing recaps does annoy me, however. It's a twenty-two show season (well, the re-cut is), with ten shows worth of material.

Arrested Development, IMO, is much better if you take Ron Howard as an unreliable narrator. Not Scandalmakers bad, but unreliable. And also once you recognize that even though he's the protagonist, Michael might in fact be the worst of all the Bluths. 

He's a monster.

Also also, s4 isn't the "newer" season any more. There's a s5, which I have only seen one episode of, so far.

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