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Hey guys, just thought I’d give you all a golden stock tip.

In a few weeks Xanthic Biopharma will begin trading on the TSE.

Xanthic is a medicinal marijuana company that focuses on the scientific side of THC manipulation, rather than actual marijuana growth.

As of this writing I can confirm that they have patents pending on water-soluble THC, powdered THC, and THC amplification (10x potency approx).

if you are familiar with THC then you know being able to isolate it as a powder that can be dissolved in water is a big deal — no more need for heat or fat, you just mix it into a drink and off you go.

The powder is going to be used in popcorn toppings, protein mixes for working out, chip dips, etc. They are active in the US market already, and are setting up for big pushes throughout Canada when legalization is complete. 

Xanthic will be listed as XTHC, and they are anticipating an opening day high of about 50 cents a share. 

If anyone has questions post them up. I will be finding out the exact date of initial listing soon, I’ll post here when I find out.

As for how I know all this, let’s just say the CEO and I share a last name ;)

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TORONTOMarch 7, 2018 /CNW/ – Xanthic Biopharma Inc. (formerly Aurquest Resources Inc.) (“Xanthic“) is pleased to announce the recent filing of a patent application. The application claims patent protection for the Company’s proprietary processes to powderize active ingredients in cannabis, including both THC and CBD, in order to make them water soluble and significantly increase the bioavailability of the active ingredients.  The patent application also claims protection for powdered cannabis products made according to the Company’s proprietary processes. The cannabis industry faces an ongoing challenge in this area as THC and CBD are typically only oil-soluble making the creation of infused products challenging. The Company’s patent-pending processes and products address this challenge.  The Company’s patent application is pending and has yet to undergo examination at the Patent Office. However, the patent application provides the Company with a priority filing date ahead of any subsequently filed potentially comparable patent applications.


Tim Moore, the CEO of Xanthic, commented, “Xanthic is extremely excited to have developed this industry-leading technology. The Company’s technology provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace and we have taken the logical step of seeking  patent protection for the Company’s proprietary processes and products. Our break through process allows for full spectrum cannabinoid water solubility with maximum bioavailability. This is an industry first and will add a great deal of value for our strategic partners.”



I didn't want to get Martha Stewart'd.

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On 27/03/2018 at 3:40 PM, Jhator said:

@danny @whateverjodisnameis @Mantis Toboggan 

I know you guys like the pots


@Armster I know you’re an investment guy

Yup it seems that there are quite a few places to invest now that pot is soon to be legalized so thanks for the advice, as for myself I was going to invest in a few different ones but I reconsidered and may just go the freedom from morgage route. But, saying that I feel that this stock should boom at some point.


What it is , is a breathalyzer to view levels of marijuana,

 Of course cops are going to want these and eventually work places too may want them after they see accidents rise . ( it may be a little discriminating) but insurance policies may drive them to market more for the work force later down the road.


Nothing is ever a for sure thing when it comes to stocks but If I was going to invest,..that one would be one that I would do.



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On 27/03/2018 at 4:36 PM, Jhator said:

You can do it through questrade, or you can open a stock trading account with your bank

Royal bank gives you a few free months then they charge you 100 bucks a month, just so you know.

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2.3 million shares dumped on Thursday and Friday.

people that bought in for ~10 cents a share dumped 2.3 million between 25-57 cents per to recoup their money and keep rest as profit.

2 million shares on Thursday.

300k on Friday.

Tomorrow could be the last day of dumping, or even first day of the climb.



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On 5/24/2018 at 6:55 PM, uteck said:

How is this rocket of a stock performing?

Quite well.

There are 57,000,000 shares at 22 cents a piece right now. We are not currently selling our products anywhere in the world. The company is currently worth 12+ million based on the ip alone.

We hit shelves in 500 stores on Friday. CBD infused water. People in northwest USA will be first to get it, it’s going to Oregon first.

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