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Return of the 3rd jerseys

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Like most might remember, once NHL switched to Adidas in 2017 they announced there'd be no 3rd jerseys for the 17/18 season and they'd be returning in 18/19. With that said, any specific jerseys people are hoping we see? Throwbacks to ones in the past, or just new designs altogether?

In the graphic below, these are for the most part the top rated past jerseys that teams have, according to Sportslogo.net users. Majority wouldn't be bad at all to see these teams use, some would look nicer with new design altogether(like Canes,Jackets)



Don't know when teams will start announcing their 3rd jersey designs, but like most jersey reveals, it probably won't be until the draft for the earliest(though leaks can happen before that)

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Flyers, Coyotes and now Hurricanes have so far announced alternates for next year. Flyers sounds like it could be similar to the one in the OP(the black alternate jersey).


Coyotes and Hurricanes unveil theirs at their draft party in 2 weeks. I'm sure we'll hear others doing the same as well.


No hints at what either could be, but the Canes new owner has mentioned wanting to bring back the Whalers look in some way. Perhaps we get something like that. Either the Whalers jersey (or new version done to the Canes colours), maybe the Canes logo re-coloured to match the old Whalers jersey?

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Sounds like 19 teams could be having alternates. Sucks that the Leafs alternate is probably just one they'll have for a single game.



The Anaheim Ducks will likely bring back their orange Mighty Ducks third jersey.

The Arizona Coyotes will unveil their third jersey at their 2018 Draft Party on June 22. They will likely go back to their "Kachina" jerseys as their alternate.

The Calgary Flames will likely bring back their retro red and yellow third jersey.

The Carolina Hurricanes will unveil their third jersey at their 2018 Draft Party on June 22. They unveiled a teaser video showing that it will be a black jersey with red piping on the collar & shoulder yokes and it will showcase a new logo as well as a variation of their "Warning Flag" logo.

The Colorado Avalanche will likely bring back their dark blue third jersey with the white shoulder yokes.

The Columbus Blue Jackets will likely bring back their popular double-blue third jersey with the canon logo.

The Edmonton Oilers will likely bring back their classic royal blue 2016-17 home jersey as their third.

The L.A. Kings are expected to bring back a grey third jersey - will be a bit different than their 2016-17 anniversary one.

The New Jersey Devils may bring back their retro red & green jersey.

The New York Islanders will be getting an orange third jersey with royal blue shoulder yokes and the "NY" logo from their black jersey (sounds like the Oilers old third).

The Philadelphia Flyers confirmed that they will use their 2017 Stadium Series jersey as their new 2018-19 alternate.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will likely introduce a new design.

The San Jose Sharks will be getting a new black third jersey which will have their new marketing logos at the forefront.

The St. Louis Blues will likely bring back their 2017 Winter Classic throwback jersey.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will unveil a new fan-inspired third jersey.

The Maple Leafs jersey will likely be their white and green St. Pats one from 2017 that they will only wear on St. Patrick's Day.

The Vancouver Canucks may introduce a new design (maybe green).

The Washington Capitals will likely bring back their retro red jersey with the white shoulder yokes.

The Winnipeg Jets will likely introduce another original 1990's Winnipeg Jets throwback jersey.


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5 minutes ago, TuckerIntensity said:

Give up the dream, Winnipeg. Go retro full time!

Are they allowed to? Or do Coyotes still own rights to that stuff?


I liked that alternate they used a few years back. Going with a look similar to that, with their current logo as the primary, and the old Jets logo as one of their alternates would be a nice look.

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9 hours ago, Raiden said:

Oh fuck yeah, that Coyotes Jersey is amazing 

Even better, they’ll be wearing them when the Leafs play them in March.

4 hours ago, HBCYG said:

Hurricane warning flags are a best idea for a design. They did that though...

And their last rendition of them were so much better than these. I’m sure their 25 fans will buy them anyways. 

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lol Ottawa, you can't do anything right. They sent out this to season ticket holders as potential new logos. Obviously the top row features their past logo, present logo and one of their alternate logos which is a throwback to original Sens. The bottom row though...LOL (or should I say "SOS"). All 3 of those at the bottom are so ugly.



It's like the Sens are allergic to doing anything good. They have a good logo staring them in the face(an alternate logo they never use).


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