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Return of the 3rd jerseys

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1 hour ago, Morrison7 said:

The St.Pats jerseys are back!

How are Leafs playing on St.Patricks day every year not a thing? Regardless if it's home or away, they should play.


But I hope we at least do see those jerseys during the Sens game. It's a back to back, so even the Flyers game Friday at home would be nice too.

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7 minutes ago, TuckerIntensity said:

Get rid of the shit jerseys, Winnipeg, wear these all the time. 

Sorry, did you say make a bright blue jersey and remove all stripes so we can be like Toronto? 


Yeah. That's what you said. 



I swear they just refuse to acknowledge those old logos as being absolutely amazing 

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16 hours ago, majingir said:

Jets wearing these, but will only be for 2 games. 1st being vs Oilers on New Years Eve.


If the Jets didn't suck so much goat chode and Winnipeg such a shithole, I'd actually buy that and wear it proudly.

Beauty of a throwback look.





But fuckeat the Jets.

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