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External Hard Drive

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Something I was reading, apparently external harddrives don't last forever (or even for a very long time for that matter)?

I have always been under the impression that they do. I got basically everything backed up on a drive, it's not something I'll use every week, and when I do use it, it's simply plugged in for the time it takes to write stuff on or off the drive, but it does have stuff I do want to store forever.

I usually keep good care of things I own, hopefully they are able to last for a long time. I've been wanting to buy a big drive as a "long term investment" just so that I can use it for everything I need backed up now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now and so on. But if they actually do fail after a few years, hopefully I don't lose anything on it, and maybe it would be wiser just getting a smaller drive if I'm not gonna be using all the space up in the next few years?

And if they do die eventually, how will I even know? Don't wanna buy one for sake of getting a new one every few years if I don't need to, but I obviously don't want to lose valuable files either.


This is one I've been looking at


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