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Wilson Suspended 20 Games

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16 minutes ago, TuckerIntensity said:

In the past, the DOPS has said the allowable window to finish a check is between .5 and .6 seconds. Or like half a second.

Wilson was never really in possession of the puck, it was on his stick for less time than Reaves had to react, and Reaves hadn't even started the hit until the puck was off Wilson's stick. Had he, you might be able time argue it wasn't late.

The only thing Reaves has going for him is that he didn't make the head the principle point of contact.

yes ... and the hit came about half a second after Wilson played the puck, like i said in my first post. Wilson played the puck, he was eligible for contact, Reaves was just a little bit late, Wilson saw him coming, and Reaves hit him shoulder to shoulder.


again, 2 minutes for interference, because it was just a little bit too late. the only league that hit should result in a suspension is non contact beer league.

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When did “he didn’t have to hit him” or “he could have avoided him” start becoming a thing?

Theres nothing wrong with this hit other than it being a bit late. Wilson was hurt because he’s an idiot with his chin strap too loose like a lot of guys and his lid comes off before he hits his head on the ice.

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