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FLYERS vrs LEAFS St. Pats edition

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Nylander has been outperforming Kapanen in 2019. ⁠Since January 1 at ES:


G - 4 
PA - 7
P - 12
P/60 - 2.01
SCF - 269
SCF% -  57.6%
HDCF - 87
HDCF% 57.69%


G - 3
PA - 4
P - 12
P/60 - 1.85
SCF - 234
SCF% - 54.04
HDCF - 86
HDCF% - 29 - 51.18%

Kapanen’s numbers on the surface are similar, except one played with Matthews while the other played with Brown, Marleau, and Kadri.

Nylander has been one of the most consistent players at 5v5. Let him and Matthews become the duo we all thought they would be, and let Kapanen add some much needed speed and finish to that third line. Brown had a solid defensive game tonight, but we all know how much of a liability he’s been at ES this year.

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1 hour ago, Wilma Fingerdo said:

I'm not a pro coach.

Never pretend to be.

I'm just a guy who volunteers my spare time to help kids  learn to play hockey, baseball and teach some life skills that will hopefully help them stay on a good path in life and have some great fun at the same time.

So long as they're not gay.

Or if they are, so long as they keep their filthy homo mouths shut.

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Complete and utter shit show. Yes they started on time (can't help but wonder if they can manage that 2 games in a row..given the history). Andersen is his own worst enemy at the moment. Yes the Leafs still play soft...but it they play with the effort of the 1st period then it may just not be a huge factor...we'll know soon enough. Still though, were 6-3-1 in our last 10 :)

They better walk over Ottawa.

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7 hours ago, King of Dick Mountain said:

Your transparently false "aw shucks" portrayal of yourself as some inclusive selfless for-the-kids type, rather than the self-satisfied tiny-mind that you've demonstrated you actually are.

Wow. Did you pull out your thesaurus for this or does being a whiny little bitch come naturally to you?

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2 hours ago, Wilma Fingerdo said:

Wow. Did you pull out your thesaurus for this?

No, I'm just English. I don't need two stabs at it to get my meaning across, 'cause superior linguistic skills and I do this thing where I consider the words I'm about to use before I use them.

Your mileage - and education - may vary.

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