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Look what I bought!

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That would be one advantage to owning a blackberry. You could leave it just about anywhere, and it'd still be there when you return.




the new one is supposed to be amazing apparently. I've yet to hear anyone say that it isn't the best phone they've used, but obviously it's still early

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I just re-purchased my hotel again in Munich for Oktoberfest.  The "your reservation is cancelled" e-mail made me shit my drawers.  Stupid "your expiry date is too close to the date of travel."  What?  That makes no damn sense, you charge it right away and the new one doesn't come until later in the year... when you will be sold out.


Thankfully I was able to re-secure a room at the same place for the same cost. Phew.


I need a drink... I guess I'll have a few that week.

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